Help, any good settings ?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by rakesh27, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. rakesh27


    Hey all,

    OK before you all shoot me down, I'm playing PC on my PC with a controller.... hold on a sec my reason is my wheel is in another country, soon to be collected by the end of the year hopefully.

    Even though I'm using a controller I'm playing Automobilista, SCE, RF, RF2 and RRE and I'm very competitive on those platforms, all on the PC.

    I can drive the car to its limits and beyond with full control... I'm very fast.

    However on Project Cars I've tweaked the settings for the controller in the in game menu, and even though I've messed about with it, the car feels too loose, seems like braking and accelerating is very twitch and when i put power on or want to brake at the limit, either spin or start to loose control.

    I've even messed about with traction control settings to help damper the acceleration so i don't spin up the tires.

    I do like Project Cars they way it looks, its like another semi/sim that doesn't look too bad.

    I'm using a Xbox 360 controller, i would be grateful if you guys the community could help a racer out.

    Maybe post your controller settings so i can test and race and actually enjoy the game.

    I hope PC2 is really good, i just hope i can actually race on the new platform.

    Thanks all