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Helmets 2012 ad. H-Kovalainen

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by mimidje, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. mimidje


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  2. Timberr


    Not to be harsh, but why are you still making the 2012 helmets? pmgl already made all of them and did them pretty good.
  3. warok


    He(It) has the right(law) to make that he wants, and mimidje can bring his(her,its) touch. PGML has madman's talent, but mimidje has nothing has to prove unworthy.

    He want can be not to get involved in one foot the bill to peronnaliser or other.

    To make of the cars personalize, I can say to you that kept silent grave on people not simple forcing managed.
    Enter the person who want a car like that and who asks you for a change every time you he show new modification.

    Or the one who says to you:
    I want the car of senna ?
    what modele?
    the car of senna, when he(it) runs(drives) with Prost.

    The type(chap) want a car and do not can even looked for the model.

    The small lad makes that he wants, he has just arrived needs can be. Or he(it) goes not stayed for a long time. And gods it is because he(it) has can there modder on f1 2011.

    I did not make out a will it is helmet, but him(it) have the area really very reussi, then good continuation.

    Sadden for my English.
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