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Skins Helmet Vvsor change standard driver model

Hi, I have a question about the helmet visor in assetto corsa. I know it is posible to change the collor of the visor but this is not the way i want it to change. Whenever i change the collor of the Helmet_Glass_2012.dds i do see a visual change but only slightly. I think this is due to the transparency of the helmet visor. I am kinda going for the helmet visor look the ACSPRH mod, and if I look at those helmets they dont have a transparent visor and have a chome-ish base layer. My question is: How to i change the base visor color/transparency of the standard driver helmet?

I will inculde some pictures of how my helmet look in game vs. how i have painted it in Photoshop


  • Schermopname (108).png
    Schermopname (108).png
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  • Schermopname (109).png
    Schermopname (109).png
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