Helmet Textures Without Sponsors / Using FOM content


Jun 5, 2013
Hey all, I have downloaded the 2019 all helmets photoshop files which are amazing and really cool to use and play with (beyond just the game) - now I'm looking for unsponsored helmets that can be used without issues from copyright?

I hear that F1 / FOM are very protective over their image and usage of brands/ sponsors. I wondered if anyone has had any issues posting images on social media of their helmets or mods or fan created content? I was hoping to do some really cool stuff with the helmets, but after speaking to someone in Motorsports marketing, they warned me against promoting or posting anything with the sponsors related to FOM property. What are your experiences?

I planned on posting the creations on instagram/facebook etc using the helmets. I may go and paint out all the sponsors on some of them but wondered if there were still layered texture files somewhere.

Alternatively I will paint a new design on top of the model..

Thanks for any info you have!