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Helmet Satoru Nakajima #11 for Lotus 99T car

Skins Helmet Satoru Nakajima #11 for Lotus 99T car 1.0

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Aug 28, 2012
gamer19 submitted a new resource:

Helmet Satoru Nakajima #11 for Lotus 99T car - real Satoru Nakajima helmet, inspired by Lotus 99T #11 car

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Well, since noone done it I did it. :) But - as a temporary solution. Cause I hope that someone with better skils will say "oh, let's make this the way it should be made".
I'm at work and can't really test this, so I hope someone of you guys will do it and show me if the main and upper part fix good together (but I sincerelly doubt it :)) and maybe even post here some pics !? (that would be cool)

Made this inspired by Nakajima skin for Lotus 99T, you can...
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