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    hi! my name is aitor, and i´m from spain. I have been racing ten years in a gpl league in spain and I raced two years with rfactor time ago. now, I have improved my simcockpit and buy raceroom and automovilista games. I don´t find too many servers with this two games. I came across this site searching for a app like simhub.

    so, i need some information about when the races take part and other things. I am thinking to star here after summer, when my litlle sister start school and we are in our routine.

    ah! and I write this here because don´t find the place where it goes. please, edit it if I don´t do it well.
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    Hi Aitor and a warm welcome to Race Department:).
    You can find out about upcoming events in your chosen games here.
    And how you can join in the fun here.
    Hope that helps.