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Hello All!

Saint 1.0

Jan 20, 2020
Hi there, my name is Alex, im new to sim racing and im here to gather information and hopefully make some friends that can help me improve my sim racing skills and give me some tips.
for now i have a pretty simple setup but it works. a G920 w/o Hpattern and a 35" monitor at 1440p running off my PC with a 1080ti.
ive been having a lot of fun with Assetto Corsa racing on Monza with GT2 F458. Dayuummm some guys are quick!!!! i have no idea how i can shave off 4-5 seconds off my lap times to catch those leaders lol but hey im having a lot of fun and i really want to improve my lap times. my best time so far is in the 1:53 range.
Anyways, if anybody wants to race with me and teach me some stuff i would be more than happy.
i live in Toronto Canada so there will be a time difference with some euro racers but we can make it work. My screen name is AC is also Saint 1.0

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Cristian Haba

Nov 24, 2007
Hey Alex,

Nice to see a fellow Torontonian. Before the advice, 2 things. You're in the Assetto Corsa Competizione Racing Club forum reserved only for posting of upcoming races. This is to sideline confusion when looking for races to participate in ACC. Second, post in the Assetto Corsa main forum, it gets more eyes, as well as the introduction area outside the AC forums.

You'll find great help here with AC, its a great sim with a lot of loyal followers and a very active modding scene. Good luck and great to have you onboard.

@Chris sorry mate you may need to move this thread.
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Assetto Corsa Competizione Club Staff
Nov 13, 2010
Hey Alex, welcome to RD!
As Cristian pointed out correctly (cheers) you posted in the wrong forums. For now I have moved the thread to the AC forums, not sure if it should be in Off-Topic/introduction or here (and I can't move it again). Maybe @Neilski or Chris knows that part.
I hope you have a good time here on RD!