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Heightmap generate?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Piatroŭski, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Piatroŭski


    Hi! Your software is really good! :bang:But, i have ask you about implementing this feature - at export in .X format, create checkbox "Generate Heightmap". For creating heightmap and use generated .bmp (or other format, not important) in other applications as Unity or other game development engines. Please-please.

    Ps. And sure, this checkbox must work! :go-away:
  2. Bob Bieber

    Bob Bieber

    I agree, height maps would take BTB over the top.
    You can do a much better job on the fine tuning of the track and the terrain with height maps.

    Grey scale all the way! Like this one. I use to make a bunch of tracks this way for MCM.

    Displacement map then with it textured and rendered for in game use.

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  3. Satangoss


    Is there some software useful to convert Heightmaps (in greyscale or whatever) to .X or .3DS?

    On positive case, that surface could be imported by inserting in a generic XPack.

    I know that you can build terrains in 3D Studio by creating a Plane instance and overlaying a greyscape heightmap over it, but 3D Studio is a very expensive software.
  4. R Soul

    R Soul

    A free object program that I like is Anim8or, which can export as .3ds. There is also program called Terranim8or which can generate terrain and save in anim8or's file format. It can also generate terrain based on a height map.

    I did a quick test with the heightmap posted above, but with a very crude texture, and I got an object that I could drive on.

    The best way to see the results is to try for yourself. Install Anim8or and then Terranim8or (two separate programs, the latter is not a plugin for the former). In Terranim8or, go to Build > Terrain > From Height Map. The parameters are self explanatory. The file can then be saved as an .an8 file.

    You can open that file in Anim8or. Go to Object > Export and save as .3ds.

    In XPacker you'll have to scale it up by around 10 and assign a material. You can do those in Anim8or as well, before exporting.
  5. liquido


    check this method:


    there are people learning to generate 3d mesh for entire open road track and surrounding terrain.


  6. 42Cliff


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