Heavily Modding Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel


Apr 9, 2009
So I quite liked the TM F1 Ferrari wheel, but the fake bits on the front always bothered me. So I set out to correct that and upgrade the entire wheel. I had already replaced the crappy paddles with magnetic flappy paddles from 3Drap.
This is the stock wheel and all the bits that will be installed...

F1 & Parts.jpg

First I stripped out all of the insides of the wheel then started the process of wiring all the new buttons and rotary encoders. I had to plan carefully as I was also going to keep the original TM circuit board as well. The wiring was a bit of a nightmare lol This picture has the data display and new buttons installed.


The Pro-Race2 Data Display is an awesome piece of hardware. It has 15 rev lights across the top. Each of which is individually programmable. The center gear display and separate data displays on the left and right of the gear display. You can program what you want to be shown there from a long list of data. I had to install 2 DPDT switches at the top to cycle through what data to display.

Data Display Switches.jpg

The wiring...


Then grinding off the fake bits on the front...

Fake rotaries gone.jpg

Fitting new insert to cover the now ugly front...

Fitting new front plate.jpg

And finally the finished (for now) wheel with everything working...

Finished- for now.jpg

It was a fun project and I really like driving with it now.



Edit: I have some new buttons for the rotary encoders coming, the current ones block too much of Sticker beneath it. I'll post an updated picture soon.

Ken Bell

Oct 16, 2009
Awesome job Edward.
I have an F1 wheel but doubt if I could do anything like you have done.
Hats off to you.
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