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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by diego brenna, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. diego brenna

    diego brenna

    good afternoon to all,
    i have a question for every modder, i try to change some hdv files but the result is the car of the mod is missing inside the game...the step i do is this:
    1-open the .veh file and change HDVehicle= example1
    2-put the "example1.hdv" in the mod folder and add the relative files (tbc.susp. etc..)
    but why is missing the car? i not change nothing about the series filter etc... i can't understand...
    PS: i can't say the name of the mod for copyright ,but is only for personal use ! i import a old rfactor mod on AMS with 8 gear etc...
    thanks in advance to every one can help me
  2. HK2014


    Hi did you create a serie file for your mod including a specific vehicle class ? make sure both the class from the serie file and the .veh file are matching correctly. If you already did that then i don't know sorry :redface:
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