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Have Your Say: What Would You Like to See in rFactor 2?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    rF2 DX11 3.jpg
    It's that time again where we ask you the community to give some feedback, this time with regards to the development future of rFactor 2.

    In an open letter to Studio 397, the new development team behind the rFactor 2 simulation software, we have a think about how we would like to see the sim develop going forward, and ask you the community to offer up some (constructive) suggestions regarding what you would like to see happen with the software in the future.

    We already know Studio 397 have plans to bring out improved graphics and upgrade to DX11 from it's current rather dated DX9 routes, plus we know virtual reality support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is around the corner too. With an all new and much improved UI due to complement these new features, plus something described as "streamlined" content, already Studio 397 are talking a good fight with their plans for a racing simulation that is no doubt one of the most technically competent pieces of software on the market today.

    Firstly let's have a look at what the current rFactor 2 does well.

    Real Road. This is basically a dynamic track surface that simulates the behaviour of a real racing surface during a race weekend. So we have dynamic rubber build up and wet and dry lines in rain conditions, basically bringing the track to life during the session.

    Dynamic weather cycle. This can be pre set for different weather conditions and also plugged in to real world weather at a given location. So if it's raining at the real track it's raining in game too.

    Full time of day cycle. Low and behold something that seems to be all too rare in a race sim. Race in the day, race at night. Have it change over time depending on the time of day in game. A must have feature for any racing sim in my opinion.

    Driver swop. You can share your car with either the AI or other real people during longer races if you so wish, ideal for multiplayer events. Driver swops carry over tyre wear and damage (if not repaired in the pits).

    Advanced tyre model. One of the best in the business although allegedly quite complicated for modders to fully utilise. Features things like flat spots, wear, heat cycles etc.

    Moddability. This is a double edged sword. Moddability is great and something that made the original title so very popular for a very long time. For some reason with rF2 the modding scene around the simulation has never quite reached those pervious rF1 heights, but seems to be slowly gathering momentum.

    So with a newly motivated development team working behind the scenes and an already exceptionally strong base position, what do you think the developers need to do in order to lift this title ahead of it's admittedly strong sim racing competition? What do you think S397 should concentrate on in the short, medium and long term to help give rFactor 2 the push it needs to recapture the gaming public imagination?

    Personally I would like to see further refinements to the weather simulation within the game, small details like windscreen wipers on all the cars, rain drop build up on the windscreens, puddle formations on track and aquaplaning. Basically a complete overhaul of the way rFactor 2 simulates wet weather within the sim, with the exception of the Real Road dry line formation, which for me is an outstanding feature and well implemented already.

    Additionally I would like to see a considerably expanded archive of support materials for modding teams and individuals. I firmly believe a certain level of success can easily be achieved by Studio 397 if they work towards building up the first party content in the sim, bringing together the cars already released into cohesive full series (no more single cars from a championship) and adding new and interesting full championship packs. Much like the original rFactor sim and to a lesser extent Assetto Corsa, mod releases are the key to keeping a sim fresh and active long after the game has been released. Quality scratch made mod releases are slowly picking up pace in recent months, however it looks like Kunos and Assetto have taken a bit of a lead in this area since AC released and for me it is critical that Studio 397 act quickly to make up for lost time. Better and more documentation, bulk materials such as tyre sets people can use for their mods, studio sanctioned support and other things would be welcomed greatly I feel.

    I could go one forever with things I would love to see, however this is not the point of this article. What I want to know is what you guys in the community would like, your opinions on how the developers can bring rFactor 2 right up to speed with it's immediate rivals in the sim racing world.

    I personally think rFactor 2 is one of the best in the business, but it's potential is so much more. Share with us your opinions about how this game can be moved forward to reach that potential!

    rFactor 2 is a racing simulation exclusive to Windows PC.

    rF2 IndyCar.jpg rF2 NASCAR.jpg rF2 Formula Renault 3.5.jpg

    Additional third party content can be downloaded from a variety of sources, one of which is the RaceDepartment rFactor 2 modding archive. Head over and check out the latest releases for the sim, or alternatively join in the discussion and keep up to date with the latest news at our rFactor 2 sub forum right here at RD. If downloading mods or keeping up to date with the latest news items aren't your thing, you can always sign up to one of our epic Club and League events using the software. We hold regular club racing events in our schedule, however the jewel in our crown is no doubt the RaceDepartment Le Mans Series. This is our premium endurance league using rFactor 2. Head over to the RDLMS forum to find out more!

    Please have a think about what direction you would like the development of rFactor 2 to go, and what you would like to see added in future. All comments and suggestions gratefully received below!
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
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  2. Antonio Castagna

    Antonio Castagna

    I want more for dirt races (rally, hillclimbs, ecc ... )
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  3. Ville-Samuli Mutanen

    Ville-Samuli Mutanen

    More efficient graphics engine and interesting content are things I'd like to see.

    There's so much nice content on other platforms so it's not easy to get excited about some cars you're not interested in the first place. Same applies for tracks too. Maybe even more visible on tracks.

    Graphics engine is already being worked on so hopefully in the future we don't need a NASA super-computer to run rF2 with triples.

    After the basic driving experience is enjoyable enough to keep coming back, we can start looking how and where to compete. I'm dreaming of a EU-based iRacing alternative. No matter if it's Kunos, S397 or S3 behind it. Hopefully someday my dreams becomes reality.. :thumbsup:
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  4. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox

    I would like to see:
    • better transmission model
    • improved tyre physics (e.g. tyre pressures working correctly)
    • ERS modelled
    • improved HUD
    • improved garage (like to see more accurate fuel calculations in garage)
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  5. muzikant


    Gt3 and Nordschleife :roflmao:
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  6. MarcG


    AI - Continued progression in further improving the already good AI for both Road & Oval. Just because it is deemed one of if not the best AI in any current sim that shouldn't mean it takes a backseat, there is still plenty of room for improvement in lots of areas (mentioned on the official forums) so I hope focus is not lost in this area.

    Weather - Long overdue refinements are needed, hopefully the DX11 backbone will provide better opportunities to improve this area. Oh...and a Random Option so we don't know what weather is coming!

    Offline Championships - I know this is coming but my fear is it will be basic like AC currently, I'd like to see full support for Endurance/GT series with a proper class points system that is entirely configurable by the user. Plus all the usual bells and whistles that come with a championship tool.

    Better Qualifying options in the UI - The plugin is good but a bit of a mess to deal with, a better option would be an easier UI implementation to better configure what the user wants (Top Ten Shootout, F1 style etc)
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  7. Sky


    Hillman Imp GT3
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  8. TzZyO


    Ditto on the transmission model and dirt/gravel. Maybe even snow and ice while at that.

    Would be nice to see some laser-scanned tracks and updates being done on the cars that are still not updated. After all, Kunos have updated all their cars to the TM10.

    Edit: VIR might make a great candidate for the scanning.
  9. Brownninja97


    Might be a good idea if they took a few pages out of AC using graphics middle ware for better post processing

    As the guy above said offline championships would be great especially with the AI that is available with rfactor 2

    With the distinct lack of mods they need to have content to fill spots. There are very few cars in the game which have rivals off the bat. Car count is quite a massive deciding factor for people especially if you want sales from the random users of steam. Then again the normies say assetto corsa has no cars.

    Im not sure what they can do about the modding but they need to add something in order to get a bigger modding community maybe a simplified or class system in which there are pre-baked physics for something it wouldnt be realistic but compromise has to be made due to its complexity
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  10. TzZyO


    Make it less complex, and it's not rF2 anymore. Maybe improving on the available documentation would do the trick, and some monetary prizes...
  11. hitm4k3r


    Nothing is holding you back to get that allready ;)

    On the feature side I would like to see the following:
    -improved clutch and transmission moddeling
    -KERS and Hybrid technology for modern endurance cars or F1 (allready in the new UI I think)
    -more progress regarding tyre damage (complete failures or puntures)
    -more flexibility for rules (limited tyres or even engines ... )
    -proper implementation of wind, ambient and track temparature (allready in the UI since years, but not working)
    -better visual weather simulation (wind, rain on windscreen or visor, more cloud types)
    -offline championship (allready planned for the new UI)
    -improved night lighting (shadows, reflections, headlights)

    On the content side:
    -everything that fit's existing content, preferably more historic tracks and cars (similar to AMS approach)
    -despite me being a European, please more american tracks for IMSA or CART/Indycar (Longbeach, Toronto, Watkins Glen, Mont Tremblant, Road Atlanta, Laguna etc.)
    -Indycontent (Reynard, Eagle, March 86c) very please :D
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  12. @apocapollo


    Better behavior for the AI on pitlane. I can't tell you how many times I've been t-boned by AI existing the garages onto the pitlane, and into the side of me. Better AI for exiting pitlane onto the track as well.

    Custom championships.

    Steam Workshop categories.

    Skins on the Steam Workshop.

    A better way to actually publish functional packages onto Steam.

    Screenshots of the track for me to look through during track selection - I don't ever remember the names of every track.
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  13. Sfrost

    FFT Corse driver #116 Aston Martin v8 Vantage Premium

    Definitely help on the modding scene. RF2 is complex to mod for and it's good that they are releasing cars from a variety of series but i feel with those cars they should have documentation for people to use to build mods for other cars in the series. Like them releasing a hybrid car and then releasing documentation showing how them implemented the hybrid system with various driving modes and power deliveries so modders can use it to fill in the rest of the cars in the series.
    Also pre built packages for things like tyres or engines in a series would make the process much easier so modders don't have to go off and create their own but can simply import the studio created ones and if tweaks need to be made they can.

    For me as well, easy customisation of specific AI cars performance. It is very difficult with alot of trial and error atm to create an offline series with cars racing where they should be. Like trying to create an DTM championship with the drivers racing around their real life position is alot of work and not very consistent. Would be nice to have an ingame option for each specific car to edit the assigned AI's performance.

    In addition, better implementation of car systems not just things like hybrid driving systems but little details like the anti lock brake lights that come on when your close to locking a wheel like those on the porshce gt3 cup car. Multiple displays in cockpit dashboards that you could cycle through like in project cars and GTR2. More detail with the cockpit dashboards and possible even the option to customise what you see on there, but i guess if you can cycle through the displays you don't need that.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
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  14. Will Mazeo

    Will Mazeo

    A pack with at least 8 GT3 cars
    DPi, P2 and GTE
    Full pack of touring cars
    More immersion in race events like pit animations and track workers removing car pieces, cars being towed back to pits (if series rules allow), some kind of animated car repairs (being pushed back to garage, etc)
    More efficient graphics (hopefully already coming)
    Invest on tracks since these are the hardest to get consistent quality with mods
    Hybrid stuff on physics
    Transmission model
    Any other physic development
    My idea to create/edit championship/race events
    Online system linked to Steam accounts that save all our stats
    Further improvements of full course yellow to avoid server going crazy sometimes on the grid order
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  15. Fernando Zart

    Fernando Zart

    It has been a long time since I last booted RF2, but to me the main reason was the way they envisioned multiplayer. You're not allowed to run on servers anymore, unless you download a package of things that you never find where to download from. If you're lucky enough to find out, by the time you end the download the race is over. Then you're left with an "always expanding" folder full of garbage from races that you never played. The way it is now is just suited for those who are part of leagues. Bring back the old and proven concept of "same track and cars" are enough. To top the cake, put some sort of rating like iRacing (to rank drivers), thus allowing players to select servers with opponents at same level (and filter off wreckers).

    Another area where the game could gain immersion is the sound, but I recon that this is tied to personal preference. I remember playing mostly old content (historic f3, f2 and f1) and they could definitely get some love from the sound department.

    Other posts above pointed out other points of improvement already, so I guess this is it for me.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
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  16. David Dominguez

    David Dominguez

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  17. felippekiss


    More official content, better visual, performance otimization
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  18. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    In no particular order...
    • Graphics overhaul. Doesn't need much and I know that improvements are in the pipeline but it's starting to show it's age. Still sometimes looks very cartoony. I'm not looking at Project Car's levels of loveliness but when you see what Reiza and Sector3 have done you do wonder why RF2 isn't just a little more pleasing on the eyes. We'll see what the DX11 update achieves.
    • More series of cars to race. GT3, or IMSA field (just as an example). This exists to a certain extent but the main selection that are supplied with the game are single seaters. Although excellent, not everyone will be keen on them.
    • An offline championship mode. Kind of coming back to GTR2 here but the lack of championship modes on modern sims is annoying. Still wonder why Raceroom got rid of the experience part.
    • Sound. Again just needs polishing. The sound of cars crashing still reminds me of ping pong balls bouncing in a bucket, otherwise the soundtrack isn't too bad.
    • Although I'm not a modder myself the general feeling I get is that RF2 is very difficult to mod for. So some sort of package or piece of software that helps modding groups I think would help increase the titles appeal.
    • Make certain in game actions easier without lots of key presses and lots of menus.
    Otherwise the sim does have a lot going for it. Weather, night time racing, real road, etc. The sim sometimes feels half finished though and just needs polishing up.

    The new owners are so far doing a really good job and I'm enjoying all the updates so far. It is without doubt the most complex and technical based of the sims and anyone who's fast on it has my total respect.

    Which is why I'm not doing the GP league this year! :laugh::unsure:
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
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  19. Alx^


    An easy to use real world / historic weather option when setting up a race. If it's there, I can't see it...?

    Bundle content on steam workshop, so I can unsubscribe from ovals, dirt etc and it'll remove everything to do with them.

    Full race series for BTCC, historic/90's BTCC, WEC, Blancpain, hell, even Goodwood-style historic events would be great, and any of the other more popular ones around the world. At the very least, the full complement of tracks, and more than 1 car per series.

    Official HQ consistent tracks. Tracks tracks tracks. All the proper tracks to complete a proper season of a real life event, simulated.

    Perhaps approach some of the modders who made higher quality scratch-built stuff about being 3rd party content (Caterham 7 Classic, Enduracers for example). Basically some sort of support or help/tools, whatever to modders.

    I found an option in the player.json for enabling AI to make random human-like mistakes, which is off by default. Have that as a slider with the other AI sliders?

    Better sound.

    Full career/season-mode.

    I honestly think R3E is better placed to take on the likes of iRacing in multiplayer, but a multiplayer overhaul wouldn't hurt rF2... so same stuff I've suggested/whinged about in the past for R3E... ability for sites like this to organise signups for leagues, cups, championships etc all within the multiplayer area of the game, along the lines of iRacing. Multiplayer round-the-clock "official" race events which people can sign up to/cancel at their convenience, since we can't all commit to 8pm community races at places like here. Ability to have hotlaps stats which you can compare against others who are members of your community, for example, "The RD Community". However all that would largely depend on player numbers making it worthwhile, and I just don't know if it'd be worth it :/

    Much as it pains me, in the name of hunting for player numbers... pretty "fluff" dlc to appeal to the mainstream. Teach them about good physics and full feature-sets.

    In an ideal rose-tinted world, team up with Sector3 and Reiza, put on your holy ancient armour of the colossas, and together defeat SMS, Kunos and whoever makes iRacing :D
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  20. Jos Swarthoff

    Jos Swarthoff

    Revived pub-racing.