Have MS fixed the following issues I had with Ride2?

Damage Inc

Actually many issues (still love the game despite it all)but these 4 jump to the top of the queue in my head! I'm in two minds about getting Ride 3 and was wondering if anyone could be so kind to provide info if they have it. :)

1) God awful PP implementation......Ride 2 had older 1000cc bikes up against the 600s, bloody stupid.
2) Several bikes had crappy handling on downshifts in the lower gears...notably the '08 ZX6R, many others. Several bikes leant too far as well, so scrapped along the ground.
3) stupid multiplier for race length.......why do a 4 lap race for an extra 10% when I could do 4 one lap races and earn 300% more? (forgot the exact details but the extra credits should be a LOT higher for the longer races)
4) Original Fireblade has no backing to the lights so you can see them the side and back as well.

It's nit picky stuff, I'll defo get it at some point.
I haven’t really tested the other things but the handling in ride 3 is great, it’s kinda like the realistic challenge physics mod where you can’t slam the breaks without locking up the tires and you can’t full Throttle out of corners and if you downshift while in high rpms the bike will start sliding so you kinda have to rev match. They did a really great job on the handling in this game. I hope this helps your decision.
Edit: I forgot to mention but there is also many great tracks like, the snake and the Isle of Man and some new bikes like 300s and some adv bikes.
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