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Has anyone been able to achieve 90 fps in SRP (Shutoko Revival Project) online in VR?

I'm running a 3080 and a 10900k with an Index, and I can only get 90fps when I'm playing solo. Even then, there are areas that don't run well. 45 fps is pretty frequent in online, and not very enjoyable. Other maps run fine.

The last I heard 1.48 was the best CSP version to run (I don't have any performance changes between 1.48 and 1.60), and sol 1.62 was also recommended. Is this still the case?

Whatever settings I use, I always drop to 45fps with cars around - haven't found a version of CSP that makes a significant improvement, but haven't fiddled with sol yet.

Maybe it's just the map, as it's complex and massive, but any help would be appreciated!


If you're using SRP cars some of them are also not very optimized for use online. Might be worth trying offline with 20 kunos e30s as AI and see how it compares.
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Wow, not even the 3080 could keep 90fps in VR> I assume you are talking about ASW kicking in and dropping your FPS to 45. I'm only on GTX 1080 and 7700, with PP at minimum to keep the night lighting effects on and shadows low/ reflection low I can push out around 70 fps with ASW turned off. With ASW on, I am automatically locked to 45 fps due to not being able to maintain 90 fps. This is single-player. With other cars, I am pushing around 50 to 60 . I was wondering if I should upgrade to 3070 and a new VR headset but I think I'll have to hold my purchase off considering how much I love and spend time on this map alone.
3070 FE + 9900 , Rift S, no problem getting 80fps stable with relatively high setting + online. (8gb of vram gets max out on that map)
With the gtx 1080 + 7700, not too good.
But 3080? What is the opposite term of silicon lottery, citrus? ;)
I've pimax 5k, 9700k, 3080 and srp online is unplayable for me. Other online tracks and solo is perfectly fine. Also I don't think it's hw related, during a race in srp online, my gpu is around 60% and cpu 50%. I noticed the vram is almost 100% used... maybe an issue with map or sol...