Hardware Sale, located in Canada: G25, DFP, Modified FF Joystick Handbrak, etc.


Dallas Willms

Hey all,
I just can't seem to find the time anymore to play my racing sims, so I've decided to put my kit up for sale. Right now I'm just taking offers, if necessary I'll add a price, please no low-ballers, I'm in no rush to sell. Pictures are available on request. Here is what I have:

1) Logitech G25 Wheel - Everything is in good shape, doesn't come with box as it was destroyed by my pet :mad:.

-The pedals are currently disassembled to be used upside down in a cockpit, I have the base and can reinstall them if the seller would like.
-The shifter has the no-click mod done
-Everything else is in great shape, it really hasn't been used a whole bunch
-I will include my cockpit if the buyer would want it and be able to pick it up (located in Waterloo, ON)

2) Logitech DFP Wheel - Hasn't been used in about 2 years, and was used for about a year before that off and on. Also in great shape, everything should work as new, I'll test it out before I ship it to ensure it does.

3) FF Joystick Handbrake - If someone who buys one of the two wheels above would like it, I'll throw in a Logitech FF joystick for free (just pay the extra shipping cost). I've modified it to be used as a handbrake, but it could easily be used as a shifter as well. The base is all hacked up but it still works well.

I also have some various older PC components which I'll list later on this week most likely.

PM me here
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