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Skins Hanmer Designs Jaguar Conversion HD & DHD 1.0

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ML2166 submitted a new resource:

Hanmer Designs Jaguar Conversion HD & DHD (ML2166) - Jag on the grid!!!

Converted over from Hanmers 2D design concept for the Jaguar.

Hanmer Designs can be found here

Has been changed slightly to suit the Marussia 3D Model.

Done in HD & DHD

Comes with driver helmets, suits, garages, pitcrew, brakeboard etc.

Will replace Marussia in game.

After being dug out for producing it as a request lately....I just re-hashed a few previous texture files from other teams to complete this as I couldn't really be bothered to...

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You could use both, lol. Either as two-livery-one-team or two different teams ;) [well, you'd need to tweak the "characters" files but it's just renaming files and parameters (within the pssg)]

With my previous fictional season state I was waiting for this livery/team but as my fictional season is now ... hm, wouldn't know what to replace but it looks surely nice.


If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?
i am having a problem with designing whenever i am pasting a logo on the 3d model it is becoming black can you help??

This isn't the place for questions.

But your particular problem is a combination of model shape, where you are trying to place the logos, and your paint fall off settings.
Woohoo! Glad that you changed your mind about this mate. Those in-game screenies look incredible! Downloading now, cheers.