Handbrake which can be used as a helicoptor collective?

Odd question but I use my GT Omega Wheelstand not just for racing but also flight simming although not as much as I'd want as my love is helis. Pre-made collectives are extremely expensive at 500 upwards. Looking around the web I've seen lots of folk make DIY heli collectives but they are often huge and take a lot of machine work to create.

I was wondering if anyone has a good pre-made solution to use a handbrake such as the Fanatec below in a dual handbrake/collective role.


BTW if anyone is looking to do the below and needs a race and flight in one solution and are torn between something such as the Wheelstand Pro and the GT Omega Wheelstand the below pics should tell you which is more versatile. If you own a TM Warthog the twin base plate of the Warthog throttle separates and can be sandwiched perfectly onto the shifter plates. When tightened it is completely solid. Leos new V2 shifter arms should work as well. The wheel plate folds out of the way with the removal of 2 screws which I've replaced with hex bolts. Total race to flight or vice versa conversion is 2 minutes.

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2014-07-06 11.20.47.jpg
2014-07-06 11.27.36.jpg
2014-07-06 11.27.50.jpg
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2014-07-06 11.29.27.jpg