Halo Reach

Brian Clancy

Jan 19, 2010
Yeah, even tho I'm an OLD GIT I LOVE the HALO series! I was hooked from the first Halo on me old Xbox lol. Best god damn FPS ever, best blend of story, action, continuity, artwork, and humour (remember the original grunts in halo lmao, with qoutes like 'get it offa me' and 'oh no, not again' when you got a plasma grenade to stick to em lmao! Yea, loves Halo, awesome stuff! :)

Mike Bell

One-time RDTCC Race Winner
Sep 26, 2009
would anyone b interested for a little race on reach on a map called racepocolypse?
i have game and map - will be on my fileshare by about 10am tomorrow - reply if your interested