Hall of Fame Mods for rFactor

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Jan 8, 2007
This topic will show us the must have mods for rFactor.
Mods will enter the "Hall of Fame" (HoF) if they had over 2000 community ratings that had an overall score of 450/500 or better at the time of their 2000th rating or greater.
Numbering in order of entering the HoF.

Megane Trophy 2005 by RSDG

F1 2005 by CTDP

Grand Prix 1979 by Grand Prix Classics

Nordschleife by Com8/Genghis99

Zonda by JvsI Mod Team

Brianza by ISI

VW Lupo Cup 2003 by Team GSMF

V8 Supercars by Team ORSM

Bathurst ORSM by Team ORSM

PCC 2005 Germany by Team GSMF

Mountain Sprint Four Season by Outrunner

Nordschleife All Road by raceking, gringosan

Varano de'Melegari by Madhorse/Elwood

Gallardo Challenge by Auto-Art

Formula BMW by Team iDT

Renault Super Clio by BR Dev

Trois-Rivieres by Gilles Benoit

Bahrain International by CTDP

Birmingham Motorplex by Scott Juliano


It may be on rFactor Central, but that is just in case you delete it by accident. :)


Arg! You are right, V8 supercars was the first mod i installed so i thought it was part of the game, my mistake!!!!!!!!!

Mike McMullan

Feb 2, 2007
You've probably heard of and downloaded the Nordschleife track but have you tried Nordschleife AllRoad? (#12 in Tim's post, above). It includes the "usual" versions of the track + everything in between. Check it out:
http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Nordschleife All Road

To get the full package you need to download and install in this order:
1) Nordschleife 2006 Full Install
2) Nordschleife 2006 Unofficial Update
3) Neurburg Village 1.0 Install

Another great mod is the SLN Track Texture updates. Check 'em out here:
Makes your track look amazing with no hit on performance
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