Had Any Metaphysic Moment ?

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
As the topic says, have you ever had a metapyshic moment in your life ? Seeing ghosts or hearing voices etc.... ?

Three or two years ago, suddenly a black flying thing, like a shade, past before me very fast and disappeared. I thought that was one of my eyes's trick. But after several days, my mother told me she saw a black something like ghost in her bedroom. And i didn't tell her about the thing i saw before. Really strange... But i believe it has an explanation.

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
I was talking about something like this when I was in my grandparents house. Every now and then, probably nothing, I just see a white figure like on the street outside running down the street, but out of focus. Tuirns out similar things happened in my family, I think my mum saw the same before.

As I said, probably nothing, but strange.

Rob Goldthorpe

Dec 23, 2008
This has happened to me since my nan died last year, if i'm out side having a smoke i'll see something out the corner of my eye, i'll think it's just my eyes gone funny after a few thousand hours staring at a pc screen then ill see it again a few seconds later!

Freaks me out sometimes :p
Apr 18, 2009
I can hear my friends and famlies voices sometimes, expecially when they are very far away... Probably my imagination but weird all the same

Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Never had any moments like this, but my Dad has before.

He says that after my cousin hung himself, he was sitting in the lounge with us and he saw mycousin's disembodied head float into the room settle on to the wall unit, smile at him and vanish... of course nobody else saw it.

The same kinda thing happened when a friend of the family died in a car crash. Dad says that he was watching TV when the guy's face appeared in front of it, with an effect somewhat like a window pane with water running down it. Again, he smiled and vanished, Eerily enough, it was the same night he died...

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
When I was little I saw a black shade in my room (not once).
Also my girlfriend said she saw a black shade with a briefcase climbing up to their window (which was absolutely impossible) many times, when she was younger, and her sister saw that too!
A few years ago she heard a handclap behind her, and the dog also started barking in that direction when it happened.