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Haas F1 VF21 - Formula Hybrid 2020

Skins Haas F1 VF21 - Formula Hybrid 2020 0.9

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On tiny thing I might add is that the 1&1 logo on the nose is inside this sticking-out thingy, you might want to put it a bit higher so it can be seen properly, I know that's because of the car, so it's not ideal of course.
And, I just noticed, you didn't make the mistake not to flip the US flag like they did on the pictures that Haas sent out, so well done :D
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No thanks for stealing parts of my Haas skin! You could have asked for help, but just being a copy cat is unworthy for RaceDepartment. Sorry, not sorry....just disappointed.
UralKali on frontwing endplate is 100% match pixelwise...
Haas logo on the sidepodis 100% match...
All the lines on the sidepod and the chassis sides are stolen 100%, too...

Your behavior is just childish and very demoting. It's better to make all yourself and learn all skills the hard way.

Evidence: all parts purple and black are identical between my skin and your ripoff...