Haas F1 Confirms Magnussen, Grosjean for F1 2017

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    In musical chairs part two, outgoing Renault Sport F1 driver Kevin Magnussen and the American Haas F1 Team have confirmed a deal to bring the two parties together for next year's Grand Prix season, granting the young Dane his third season of Formula One and effectively leaving the rather lacklustre Esteban Gutierrez out of a Formula One drive, again.

    With a shock announcement during the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend that Renault would be retaining Jolyon Palmer alongside new signing Nico Hulkenberg next year, the writing was pretty much on the wall for Gutierrez after yet another disappointing season behind the wheel of a Grand Prix car. Despite reportedly bringing considerable financial backing to the team, Gutierrez will now be looking at one of the few remaining seats in Formula One to ensure his stay at the pinnacle of open wheel racing continues for another season.

    The signing of Magnussen is a positive move by Haas, signalling their intent to remain a competitive force into the new season with two drivers highly regarding by the Grand Prix paddock. Grosjean has already proven himself as a driver of the highest calibre in recent seasons and many believe likeable Dane Magnussen has yet to show his best form in Formula One. With just a single season at the struggling McLaren and Renault teams to his name, K-Mag will be keen to establish himself quickly at Haas and finally show the paddock the kind of form that many expect from the driver.

    “This is a fantastic opportunity and I'm very happy to be a part of Haas F1 Team,”
    the newly signed Magnussen said. “Obviously, I'm confident in my abilities as a Formula One driver, but I'm also very confident of what Haas F1 Team can do in its second season and every season thereafter.

    “Gene Haas has come into Formula One with a strong vision and a different way of doing things. He's making it work and work well. I've had a good vantage point all season long, and I'm looking forward to getting behind the wheel of next year's Haas VF-17.”
    New 2017 teammate and returning Haas driver Romain Grosjean added following his official confirmation at the American team for next season:

    “A little more than a year ago I made my decision to join Haas F1 Team and it was absolutely the right decision,”

    “I'm very proud to be a part of the team's development and am very happy we can continue to grow and achieve more success in the years ahead.”
    Hass will be keen to take another step up the Formula One ladder in 2017 following a recent dip in form after an impressive start to their Grand Prix career this season. Already confirming a 2017 spec Ferrari power unit will be fitted to the car next season, and a full year's worth of Grand Prix experience under their belts, 2017 could we be a break through season for the popular American operation.

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    Do you think Haas can produce a car capable of delivering results expected by these two talented drivers? Do you thing Magnussen deserves a third shot at Formula One with Haas? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. ARG1980

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    The Americans has treated the Magnussen's pretty well, so maybe this is going to be a happy marriage.
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    I had hopes for Force India for K-Mag, but hopefully he shows that danes are good drivers and will get some more points for Haas Racing than he did for the renault team.
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    If the Haas Racer works better than the Renault - then I am confident that Kevin will score more points next year... I am just happy to see Kevin secured a 2 year contract this time...
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    I hope K-Mag does well next year. I think it would be ironic if he accidently drives into the Renault pitstop instead of Haas.