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Tracks Gunsai Touge (Enhanced) 1.0

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antudusun submitted a new resource:

Gunsai Touge (Enhanced) - Enhanced quality

CREDITS: Nui & thestrobe8.
This track originally made by Nui for rFactor. It later been converted to Assetto Corsa by thestrobe8.
This is my most play track since rFactor days. Decided to do a quick make over on it. What I did: Changed road & terrain textures. Changed the trees. Added road noise (bumpy mesh). Recreated the replay camera.
BEST MOTORing / Hot Version fans knows this track very well.

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This is very promising. I'd love if at some point someone built this from scratch. The layout is amazing to drive it just needs some TLC regarding the trees and foliage layout as well as the road texture. Even with all that its a great circuit. I wonder how close the layout is to the real course ? I'm guessing the original rF track wasn't built using LiDAR.
The touchup is welcome and I understand if you can't find the time/will to work on it. However if there's some track in AC which would deserve some 2019 treatment, it's this one!