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    Here is a list of the most common bugs design choices that you will stumble upon when racing Project Cars 2 online - and what you can do to avoid them.

    1) I cannot find the server
    Change your maximum allowed ping for game servers in Steam. "Auto" usually works best, but you might need to try out different values. Guide with screenshots: http://ccm.net/faq/40659-steam-how-to-set-the-maximum-allowed-ping-for-game-servers

    2) I can only select the same car as the admin in a multi-class/multi-car race
    Restart your game and rejoin the server. Now you will actually be able to select any car that is in the game - so make sure you choose one that is allowed (no LMP in a GT3 race ;))

    3) How can I change my online name?
    You can't. (That is, unless you change your Steam nickname. You don't need to do that though for our club races, just make sure to use your real name on Teamspeak.)

    3) How not to get disqualified during a rolling start
    Most races in our club will be rolling start/manual formation lap, because of a bug design choice where some people will see the green flag a couple of seconds before everyone else when standing start is used.

    There is not much you need to pay attention to during the formation lap, apart from not overtaking or crashing into the car in front :whistling: Once the leader gets closer to the start/finish line, the (invisible) countdown for the starting lights is triggered. This countdown does not care whether you approach the main straight at 30 or 300 km/h.

    So by all means, do not cross start/finish before the green lights are shown or you will get disqualified by the game immediately! (There is no way for us to turn that off.) This is especially important if you qualified first and are leading the grid on the formation lap.

    4) My setup was not loaded for the race
    When the session changes from qualification to race, you have 2 minutes to make last minute changes to your setup and to press ready. The race will begin once everybody has pressed ready or once the countdown is over.

    Sometimes your setup won't load automatically for the race. To avoid this, just click on tuning setup while the countdown is running. You will see that your fuel amount value will be updated in the top right corner of your screen. This is an indicator that your setup has definitely been loaded.

    5) Where can I get good setups?
    Check out this post: http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...project-cars-2-with-just-a-few-clicks.142380/

    What Else?
    There are probably more weird bugs design choices that you might encounter. Don't let that scare you though. Project Cars 2 can actually be a very fun and rewarding experience (no irony this time) :thumbsup:
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