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GTR2 gtr2 vs bandicam

install the latest version of bandicam ... just to take an occasional screenshot.

-I configure the program to take the full screen ...
-I enter the GTR2 game and take screenshots in the menu, in the race, etc.
- When leaving the images show my desktop, not the game.:mad:

Does anyone have or recommend a program to capture images? (just that, images, simple, like fraps but free, without much complication) that is for games ...
(because there are many that are to take images from the desktop ... and they do not work for me within a game)


Why not PrtScr button and then paste into Windows Paint? Honestly, Paint is pretty decent these days for basic stuff and it's format support.

You might need to operate in windowed mode for it to work, not sure. I use windowed mode because it's just so convenient and I use Borderless Gaming to remove borders so it truly looks like borderless windowed mode. Can't see any downsides to using it this way.