GTR2 Server down?

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Tarmac Terrorist, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Tarmac Terrorist

    Tarmac Terrorist
    Paul McCaffrey

    Just tried getting online for a race with a mate and all of a sudden its just not working. Get a could not connect to server message cant get into lobby at all. This has just happened today, everything has been fine up until now. Anyone else getting the same?
  2. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    hi paul,

    i did test quick, and same do happen to me,
    endless waiting, then comes message, no connection to server possible (or similar i get german message).
    so it looks the lobby is down, perhaps it do not come back, as nearly nobody drive online in last time.
    only the alternative lobby is on, from bierbuden is still online.

    i am not good in computer things, so please google this, perhaps rennsimulanten gtr2 looby,
    or bierbuden lobby you should write in google for search,
    there are 3 local_ip-lobby-txt things for download and install in your main GTR2 folder, then you and your mate can come in GTR2 lobby again.