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GTR2 New Shaders & Lighting Patch 1.5 by holacrosty

Misc GTR2 New Shaders & Lighting Patch 1.5 by holacrosty 1.5

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holacrosty submitted a new resource:

GTR2 Shaders Lighting Patch 1.5 by holacrosty - New shaders and new lighting for GTR2

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Hi guys. (more screens at the end)
Well.. this patch comes with 4 different Shader options:

0- Almost original:
It will not look too much better but you will not have any texture issue.

1- User(Recomended):
It will look good but +- 5% of tracks might need to be updated.

2- Modder:
If the track can handle this, it will look really good. But +-75% of tracks might need texture and shader updates. (too much brightness, oversaturated textures, white...

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