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GTR2 GTR2 Museum

Dear Gtr2 Lovers out here,

As some of you allready know i am working on a website
called GTR2 Museum.

no its not to steal users/viewers of racedepartment
and trowing ads in your face and making money of it.
<only ads there are are from the host them self and out of my control>

its out of love for GTR series and mostly GTR2 offcourse.

Why this name? well a museum is to preserve things.
allmost all older gtr2 drivers out here experiance it a few times
that sites like nogripracing disapeared and for most people out of the blue.

at one time i had all things downloaded <gtr2 stuff> from nogripracing <i believe it was 2014>
but my harddrive was whipped after a bsod. and later thought well nogrip would not disapear so i did not did it again. now it feels like a bad choice of not downloading it all again.

Racedepartment would not go for now but you never know if they decide to remove the gtr2 section
or downloads.

so you could guess what i allready have done yes downloaded everything i could find
but not only from here but also other sites like rms, esportracing.de
<somethings i have downloaded many times just lost track of what i allready have downloaded or not>

i have one harddrive dedicated <4tb> and its allmost full.
not that i am going to host or place a link to it without premission.

the site is going to have a forum page but not in the same way as many sites have including RD.
most sections will be closed for public to add or leave a comment
yes they can read but not download/see link only members can.

only a few people can leave stuff behind <like owners of mods or tutorials or other stuff related to gtr2>

its going to be more like a wikipedia and a database in one if you like a simularity or metafore.
with as goal to preserve as much as possible.

but also a clean and simple way to look up stuff.
i notice <i am also to blame for> lot of good posts are slowly getting lost out of sight by all the new posts.

so i decided, people like RMS Rudolf, GTR233, Shovas and many more
have there "wikipedia kind of page" with 1 click you can find every thing those people made and or giving advice tutorial <not to opions or personal stuff>

to preserve and bundle all things to the good of GTR2

why?? well i love this game for more then 15 years now and even today i cant find a game with a simular feeling/exerpiance even with the good the bad and the ugly of gtr2.
unconditional love in otherwords saying.

again why would you do all the hustle , have you dont got better things to do in life?

well i am now a DAD of a 4 months old boy, so yeah i have better things to do but GTR2 feels also like a child of mine strangely but true.

and i would like to show my kid what his daddy love doing all those 15 years and counting.
thats how it started, that puts me thinking why not make something to preserve gtr2
like a museum would. if i look back on all those 15 years how many hours i have spend with gtr2
if its racing, fine tuning mods for my self <offline> to use its a part of my history and for most older users it would probably something simular.

2nd thing i would like to do and i am trying to find how many people
would like this idea.

and this depents one how many people would like this next idea i have

because i named it Museum so history is the theme here,

i would like to host historical races/championships.
if 5 people or more want to join i would allready be happy the more the merrier offcourse
but hey its a old game and you cant expect much so there for 5 people would make me allready happy.

historical races/championships
like f1 1994 with all the 1994 tracks.
blancpain endurance with all of the tracks.
alms or elms
le mans
maybe also group C
etc it also depents what class most people would like to drive offcourse

i made in the past and sadly they are lost.
for all 24 hours of le mans from i believe it was 2008 untill 2016
most realistic weather possible, i mean by that for every year i made a exect copy of the weather during the whole 24 hours, now with the race day weather edit its usable online.

so when people are alowing me to use there mod
i would add real life/historical weather if i can find info about it like video's or other way of information on the server.

the only problem with gtr2 and online is the same as back in 2006
beyond having a cd key offcourse is client needs to have exactly the same gtr2 as the server haves
example when i have running on my server one set of graphic updates and a user would have by fault or accident using a texture file with a bigger are smaller kb's you can spend hours on hours to find the problem

so to make this easy and workable the easy fix would be a client packages
they can drop in to there gtr2's to join.

i have spoken to many people that are hosting in a private community style servers
that they let clients download a exect copy of there gtr2 thats running on there server.

i can do this without asking offcourse but i dont want that.
i even ask premission of shovas if i can place a link to his txt edit for force feedback.
just to show i dont want to do any thing illegal.

so if there are people around here that would like to join such kind of races.
<on a event base offcourse probably during weekends>
or if there are people that want to share there mod for this cause
or people that have information
or have suggestions and or knowing some information about gtr2 thats handy

please feel free to leave a comment or send a PM.

any help is welcome!!
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