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I recently discovered the joy of GTR2 and and would really like to race online, become part of a community, I'm not very good and was wondering if there is a way to race on GTR2 online for noobie novice racers. I've been to the site below, but struggling to understand how to get into the online races, also, I do not want to install all the required mods and find it difficult to understand the language.,en/

GTR2 works great on my potato computer and was rally cheap on steam, I'm hoping that a great game at a cheap price would grow the community if I can find a lobby server, if I understand, if you have a lobby server you can host your own games? Maybe there is room for a rookie league where people like me who want to do some sim racing just to relax and test their skills can have some good clean fun. I'm hoping to convince some of my friends to join.
That sounds like a great idea, somewhere, where a old noob like me, can catch up on the history and have quick way to jump into sim racing without breaking the budget.

If you or @SkullArmy ever get to setup a lobby with a dedicated server that can cater for novice racers, I would like to be in the first race.

I was even thinking, with all the cloud computing available these days, it should be possible to setup a dedicated server, it could be setup to host a novice race every Friday or Saturday at 16:00 GMT, where people can join and just have some nice racing. Maybe make it entry level that someone who just downloaded the game can spend 30min setting up their game with the most basic changes and race on Monza for a hour or so.
The only requirements for joining the hosted lobby is patching your game to 1.1 and using their server info download...they tell you to download the mods, but none are necessary to connect.
Your PLR file will control all of the multilayer settings one you do get connected.
The main thing that matters for mods is that your files MATCH with whomever you’re joining. Extra mods on either end are fine, but if you run the same content it has to be identical or you will get a mismatch.

I believe hosting a lobby could be as simple as having a web server with a proper database to log the random logins used to connect nowadays...would be nice to have options on lobby locations
Lastly, I recommend having an install for SP and a patched one for MP, 3rd party programs such as SimHub and CrewChief only work with the Steam version as well as the 1.1 version being the only requirement to join MP

keep in mind the lobby system is the core to MP for GTR2
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Hi. Recently, a friend and I wanted to play too, but were surprised to find we couldn't do it. I've searched a lot of sites but the discussion is dead everywhere. I also went to the site the above person is talking about. Now I am here. Can i play online? Thanks. I am sorry for my English, I am from Russia.

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