GTR Evolution - New player joining

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
yesterday night I was following another player while on the Rd server. When yet another player joined, the car in front was lifted in the air where it hung suspended for about two seconds only to rejoin at about the same distance it was before. Very spooky ...

Marc Good

Nov 12, 2007
I guess it was mainly your pc or the one from the guy in front of you accessing the hard disk or something similar to it, which led to a stutter resulting in this spooky event..
At least I get sometimes little stutters when someone is joining - despite the fact that the car actually gets loaded when I return to the pits. (At least that's what the message on top of my screen says everytime someone joins.. what, if they go on track and I'd see them? O.o)

But I'd still be interested in seeing the replay :)