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GTR Evolution Championship Race



Hi, Just GTR Evolution along with STCC. I am just playing offline now.

When I start a Championship race with either WTCC or STCC it seems as if I have a limited number of stock cars to choose from (like BMW or Alfa Romeo).

In order to Championship race with a Formula 1 type car do I have to do a custom Championship? Or am I missing something?

I would like to do a preset Championship with a greater option of cars to choose from.

Thanks for the help.


May 16, 2008
Yepp. You have to make a custom championship for anything except the WTCC and STCC series. The only offical championships that the game support for now are WTCC 2007, 2006 and STCC 2008...I think...but if you wanna run F3000 cars, you have to make a custom championship.

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