GTR EVO and ATI Crossfire


Mark Schuttenhelm

Hello all,

I would like to know if GTR EVO supports Crossfire from ATI... and if so what kind of performance gain do I get? (i play on 1920x1200 28" and a E8500 proc with a HD4870 videocard (which can have a little friend :) )

I know not alle the games support it and i couldn't find anything about this matter on the www.

Aug 26, 2008
I believe it supports it but one 4870 should rape Evo even on that resolution :p

You getting low performance with just one?

Mark Schuttenhelm

well i can't put all the eye candy on (in EVO and in ATI control center) it's not bad but it can always be better

Mark Schuttenhelm

Ye that's what I was wondering. A single 4870 should rape Evo even at that resolution, so somethings not right?
Well it does "rape" it but when i am in a online league race with 25 cars i really can't put all the candy on.

when i test the PC in 3dmark the score is very good so the pc must be in good shape ;)

I will test that adaptive AA though ...

@ Roy nice find!!


Jul 12, 2009
Yes, Evo does use CrossFire. I'm running 2 x HD4890's, res 1920 x 1200, AA = level 3 on the Evo configuration table (whatever that means).

I don't know if there's an Evo benchmark to run, but scaling is very good in games e.g. in Far Cry 2 it's about 87%