EU GTR 3 @ Slovakia Ring - Wed 18 Sep 2019

Lars Hansen

Buggered if I know.....
If it were that easy, I'd be running the RD driver academy instead of watching it die. Knowing what to do isn't the same as communicating it in an interesting, coherent and easily understood manner.
So yeah, the ability to properly pass on knowledge is just as important as the knowledge itself.
Fair point. I just think you're vastly under-estimating your own abilities in this particular field.
Besides, someone said something along these lines:

Avoiding things you're not very good at isn't much of a way to improve. You learn by doing.
Probably not very good advice though. ;)

Ross Garland

Only a couple of hours to go so I'm thinking this is going to end up as a training session rather than a race. I'll set the server with a maximum practice session for now. I'll check in again just before to see if anything's changed. I might be able to get on myself, but definitely not until a bit later.
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