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GTR2 GTR 2 on Windows 10

Hi guys,
First thing i love this game, i'm playing it for years and still don't have enough. Tried Assetto Corsa but it's not even quite as good.
And now i have a problem with game, i'm using it on Win 10 for some time, and always just needed to set Nvidia to always use high performance processor, then set all exe files to campatibility with Win XP SP3( tried Win 7 to), start as admin and voila.
But now i had to do new win 10 install again, I used copied gtr 2 files with HQ patch (which i was using before) and when i double click config or gtr2 exe, just appears warning from windows that i'm changing the content, click yes then appears loading circle and nothing happens.
The same with copied png files,
I'm using the same nvidia drivers as before (had copy) copied to simple C:\games\ - path and set whole gtr folder on let everyone to modify content in properities
Can someone help me with this?