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GTR 1 Missing from leaderboard

Calvyn White

Calv Killmore
Jan 21, 2017
GTR 1 cars are missing from the leaderboard. Seems to be a problem with the leaderboard "nothing new there". The whole category of car is missing but still are in the game.
Not sure if any other cars are missing from the leaderboard, but I wouldn't be surprised.
So my question is when is it going to return or is there a plan in action to remove the category of cars altogether?
I hate to think it's just me so if anybody would be so kind as to confirm the issue, thank you.


A legend in my own mind...
Staff member
Sep 28, 2009
I can confirm that the GTR 1 class is missing from the leaderboards. No idea why. I suppose it could be something to do with the removal of the category, since there are no leaderboards for the 2018 Porsche GTR 3 anymore either, or the Citroen WTCC.

More likely it's just a glitch though, possibly caused by upcoming tweaks or something. It's happened before where things make it onto the S3 servers before they should, causing issues for end-users. For example, I can set the WTCR 2020 class on our server right now, but attempting to join puts you in an endless loading loop.

Edit: Literally as I posted the above message, I got a 404 error on the leaderboards. A few seconds later it worked again, and the GTR 1 class is back. (As is the ADAC 2015 class also reported as missing.)
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