GTL-GTR2 MOD final by scca1981

Cars GTL-GTR2 MOD final by scca1981 V1.0

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Jon c

Original poster
Jun 14, 2017
Jon c submitted a new resource:

GTL-GTR2 MOD final by scca1981 - GTR2

GTL-GTR2 MOD final by scca1981
(incl. quick-fix for Lotus Elite and Mini Cooper S)
This will be the final full release.
This is a 90% a direct conversion. No meshes or textures were edited from GTL.
Physics and sounds are also a direct conversion with the exception of the side exhaust
- The Porsche 911 interior banners are causing issues and are not available.
- 1 car (forget which one) has no mirrors.
- A couple cars do...
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