GTL Force Feedback

Jack Straw

I've been using the GTL platform for several years but the last few months it seems everything has gone haywire so I've been trying to sort it out. Some problems I've fixed, some I can work around. Fair enough.
The latest vexatious issue is the weak force feedback. No matter how I set the force in the game or on my Fanatec 2.5 wheel base I get virtually no feedback. Even the biggest curb or nasty rumble strip transmits nothing through the wheel.
I also use Power& Glory which gives me superb feedback and Automobilista which is not bad but not up to P&G standards.
I recall a thread somewhere that addressed integrating P&G feedback into GTL but I can't seem to find it.
I seem to specialize in GTL problems that no one else experiences or knows how to fix.
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