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    Stuart Thomson
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    Here is a little list of extras that might come in handy to all GTL-ers (Thanks to Rupe for compiling)

    Just click on them to get to the info
    2. How our servers work at RD
    3. (Car&tracks unlock) we all use this one
    4. (XD motec) very handy bit of kit
    5. Recommended Driver Behaviour
    6. Online driving tips
    7. We download tracks and mods from 4 main sites - you will be directed in the club race page when signing for the event to one of the below. It is a good idea to register at all sites, it's a small amount of time, but worth it.
    8. RaceDepartment (download section) ( Resourses )
    9. No Grip (CLICK ME) :100mb limit per day.
    10. Altbierbude (CLICK ME) :registration required *
    11. (CLICK ME) : registration required
    12. Lobby Switching - How to switch between Simbin & Altbierbude lobby
    13. FFB GUIDE : and ( how ffb works)
    14. Pit stop hints How to make a manual pitstop..Really important for our endurance races
    15. Replays dated - this stops the last session being overwritten but fills up the replay folder more quickly
    16. GTL extra controls
    17. trace function - if the game keeps crashing this will supply a txt file of what went wrong for diagnostics
    18. trouble shooting
    19. LAG and ports
    20. setting affinity to use all 4 cores At present it only uses 1core , this can give a nice boost in performance
    21. logitech drivers on fanatec wheel
    22. How to delete the online code and account for onlie gamplay
    23. Different file types of GT Legends
    24. CFF explorer ( what it does ) this allowes the .exe to handle more than 2 gig of memory
    25. WingMan - Logitech Gaming Controller Software
    26. File.Renamer.Profile extensions in upper-case suffered a lot of CTD's but when they changed the extensions to lower-case
    27. G25 failing to Centre when self calibrating
    28. Resourses section to use this new system you will need cloud storage 2 links below that are quick and easy to use
    29. DROPBOX (link to sign up and get extra space, referrals) (thanks from Rupe. We both get extra space for free)
    30. MEGA cloud storage for hosting files
    31. SugerSync cloud storage
    32. List of default cars and tracks
    33. Short guide for skinning windows in GIMP
    34. GT Legends Install Guide (Steam/Digital/DVD) - Creating 2nd install - Setting up GTL
    35. GT Legends skin tutorial
    36. How to connect to Team Speak how to connect to RD
    37. Worksheets to set up your cars +Here
    38. How to run a dedi server
    39. All about wheel & Pedal Maintenance
    40. GTL tool keep track of your lap times (External laptime viewer and statistic tool for GTL & GTR2)
    41. Nvidia triple screen setup what you need to do and how to connect it up multi screen options
    42. GT Legends skin templates for skinning your favourite cars.
    43. G25, G27 how to change Logitech profiler whilst still in game 240,450,670,900 deg

    * Altbierbude run custom classes for vehicles on their servers, and so their downloads are altered to reflect those classes. The alterations are handled at the *.car file level - ask one of the staff if you are having problem selecting the car to go on track.
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