[GTL] Abarth's @ Monaco 79 - 19th April 2008

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Chris Vick

Overall, a good race for me.:thumb: Thanks to all who ran and thanks to Warren for setting this up!:D

I was slow in practice and qualifying, running mid 1:59's. I qualified 5th of 8, which was OK. On the first lap, a mistake ahead of me allowed me to go into 4th. I stayed there for a few laps, and then spun myself, losing a spot back to 5th. Then I had a nice battle for several laps slowly catching back up, and finally overtaking for 4th when he clipped the wall down at the harbor.

I ran the mid part of the race comfortably in 4th, with some good consistent laps including a couple of 1:58's. I went in for my pit stop at lap 20, and forgot to reset the pit limiter, so I got a stop and go. After my stop & go, I was still barely in 4th, and holding on, when I spun on the last lap, and lost the place again.:(

Ah well, finished 5th of 7. I felt that was pretty good for my first try with an Abarth, and only my second race in GTL. I make too many unforced errors. I need to work harder on consistent times without mistakes. All the racing that I saw was very clean and careful, so it was a great outing overall!


Simon Bacon

Big thanks to Warren for setting this up and those who raced.:thumb: Had a nightmare first lap and quickly found myself playing catch up:brancard:
Anyhow, had a fantastic few laps on my own catching Hans Sneep (great driving), decided to pit in and went for the whole wash 'n' wax, which cost me a lot of time! Had some more catch up with Hans but didn't have the momentum to pass. By which time I was being caught and lapped by Heppu (how is he so quick?:alla:) Big thanks to Heppu for lapping so cleanly, sorry if I delayed you. Even though I finished last I had a really enjoyable time, thanks to those who participated. Hope more folks join in for the next one.

Hans Sneep

My first online race:rockband:

I was nervous as Hell....
In qualf. good not get under 2 minn. but started in 6 place, brake urly for the furst corner and get past.
Try to go to stady laptimes and past 1 car? make some mistakes underway.
Pit in lap 18 for tires take 37 sec. and went out again.
Get past by Heppu (He is FAST) Finnest in 6 place after 29 laps pfffff..
Glad I made it (not lapped by the hole field..).
I am not so familliar with online chat, hope to improve.

Thanks to all the racer's and se you for the next race.....

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