EU GTE / GT2 @ Bridgehampton - Weds 25th Nov 2020


Nottingham, UK
I also had my first serious test run on this track last night. Holy sh*t, this "simple" layout is demanding! Not much time to relax or check some data when driving and getting shaken around. Races will be a challenge for sure. I wonder how overtaking can be possible. It certainly requires a mistake from the driver ahead. Well, that's where this bumpy track comes into play.

I'm sure with your 2-3 second a lap advantage you won't struggle to get past me :D
Never heard of this track until tonight.

Downloaded it.
Drove it.
Turn 1 Code brown.
Few air miles clocked.
Sand dunes collected for souvenirs.

That's enough reason for me to take part.
Count me in with the Porsche please John.
Great to see you again Sheashant, one brown Porsche it is buddy :thumbsup: :p

Last September we raced Group C here, what a night:inlove: (don't tell the Mrs) - and I swear, next day I was still knackered:laugh:

Edit: If you search for vids of Bridgehampton, going all the way back to the 50's (I think?), it really shows @LilSki 's amazing work, a fantastic mod.
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BMW please for me :ninja:
Welcome Raúl, you're in with the BMW :thumbsup:

Please make sure your real name is showing on the server and Teamspeak (see opening post), if you want help just shout - if we don't know who you are on the server you'll be kicked, and I hate that!!

If you need any help with the above, please shout out here and one of us will help:thumbsup:
Race server now final chaps :)

As of 6:20pm UK time, spare cars are:
Porsche 1
Ferrari 0
Corvette 0

If you're in later than this post, please copy and paste the above list with the number adjusted for your chosen car.

Chris Down

London, England
Did nobody tell Ernie it's wrong to beat kids? Shame on that man. ;)

Really great races everyone -- race 1 I had one of the worst code browns I've ever had, getting a tank slapper a good four to five times in the double right hander. That was scary.

Race 2 was some of the finest battling I've had in a long time -- 25 minutes of just pure battling. Great battles with @Axel Moebius, @Reik Major, @Erik Axelsson, and @Kek700 :thumbsup: Congrats Ernie on the win!

I think I speak for everyone John when I say thank you so much for organising this and other races! This was a real highlight.
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