GTE and GT3 BoP for AI

Sep 7, 2019
I've started recently to play this game and instantly seen that with AI there are faster cars then others when playing with classes eith multiple cars. GTE and GT3 are the best examples. I've recently bought le mans + gte pack and both gt3 pack and tried a race with multiple classes (P2,P3,GTE and GT3). With the P classes there is no problem since there is only a car but with gte and gt3 I've noticed a huge gap in track time.


BMW GTE seems to be the faster out of the 4 gte cars with gaps of 2/3 seconds. Starting from BMW there is the Corvette with a gap of 1 second, then the ASTON and the Porsche seems to be the slowest out of them all. I've managed to reduce the gap fastest to slowest to under a second. Need to test more and try a full race of 1/2 hours to see if working in race.


Here lies the biggest problem. The class has 10 cars in it and the testing to perfect this class balance is more difficult. I'm trying to reach the same goal with a gap slowest to fastest to max 1 second. Right now I've only 4 cars out of range: BMW fastest overall and McLaren 7s second fastest, Audi and Porsche slowest overall. Done fewer laps with this cars so test are not as precise.

Hoping that bop will remains the same on other circuits

All test done with 51 aggression, 0 crash, 100 of min skill, concentration and completed laps

Any tips or knowledge shared will be appreciated
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Jun 4, 2017
when you choose a car for Le Mans, at the tuning screen make sure you choose the Le Mans aero package and then check the box to force the setup on all cars. The GTE cars were recently re-balanced, amid some complaints to the handling, but the rebalancing(BOP) has reduced the speeds of the GTE cars and the Oreca 07. (not sure about the Norma) This has closed the time gaps between the GTE and GT3 cars, but should, repeat should, have more closely matched the cars
Unfortunately, S397 is solely focused on completing the updated UI, the Online Competition system and new content. There is a fairly long list of offline issues, that won't be addressed until after those items are correct.
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Apr 10, 2011
I agree that we need a BOP for the GTE and multi class, because some cars like the Porsche are fast at the straight but at the complete round are the one of slowest?!
On Rfactor 1 it´s possibel to change the .hdv file for the wight etc.. now the are unfortunately encrypted! :(