GTC-TC-76 : VW Scirocco GR2 Series Round 6 @ Oschersleben - Tue 9th July 2013

Rupe Wilson

3rd time lucky
hello guys, my internet is just about failed, they are working on it but my connection is not good to race let alone post ill be back asap.. have fun..:)

Yves Larose

is it just me or it all went down ?

EDIT: i'm guessing it was just me :( seems my internet dropped for a millisecond :mad:


Well that was good fun!:thumbsup:
I had to abort my Q1 lap after gaining advantage by cutting the large sand trap. So started from the back and R1 start was a bit of a mess with people losing connection and stuff, but after the first few laps everything was fine. Found myself in somewhat of a lonely gap the second half of the race, so just used the remaining laps for practice
Q2 and R2 start were a lot better, had some really fun laps with Anthony, Antonio and Guus, until about half way through I lost the car at the triple left hander, hit the barrier and lost a front wheel. But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

Grats to Guus for R1 win from last place, and to whoever won R2. Thanks Rupe for another nice episode in this series, too bad you couldn't make it, and Thanks all for racing. CYA next time!

Mark Birney

Great races guys. Had a great battle with Mark Gormley in each race. Very clean; no inch given, none asked (the odd scrape or two, but these are tin tops after all :)).

Hopefully cya next week!

Paul Bennett

Well that was a strange one tonight with time outs in the heat of the night, :whistling:

I had some strange issues engine was dying in 1st gear just by letting the clutch out. And then switch over from race 1-2 showed "please wait" PC froze, got restarted and my profile did not load losing my online user-name & password :confused:



I decided to start from the back both races, and it paid off :D I had a lot of fun in both races. In race 1 I managed to avoid the pileup at the start and soon I ended up behind Mark Gormly, who defended very well and it was very difficult to pass him. After many tries I finally managed to pass him around the outside in the last corner, I think I had 4 wheels outside the white lines while doing that but I wasnt going to give it back, I was too glad to finally get by. Next up was Krzysztof, I did not have many laps left but I was closing in rapidly, but unfortunately he spun and we did not get to scrap :(
In the second race I dont know exactly what happened but I had great fun driving through the pack, In the end I was closing in on leader Mark Birney very quickly, but I ran out of time. Great fun :D Grats on the win Mark:thumbsup:
I have to apologise to Denis Betty, hit him while lapping and it spun him around. Because I lapped him it was no use waiting, but I felt like **** for the rest of the race for that, sorry man I was too eager to get by :(
In the 2nd race my wheel seemed the be acting a little weird, some times I just lost input for half a second and the steering centered, really annoying in mid corner. I hope its not a problem with my wheel :confused:
Anyway, great fun. Thanks for racing all. Its my last event with the scirrocos because im going on vacation and will be missing the final 2 rounds. I usually really dislike fwd but these seemed different. You could just throw them into corners like go carts, I think its one of my favourite cars now. Thanks Rupe for organizing this series and for making my awesome sloth skin, I think it made me quicker ;) See you guys in a few weeks

Denis Betty

The older I get, the better I was.
Hey Guss, I wondered who that was. I was just trying to get round after a stop go for jump start at that time so it didn't matter. It was my first race and I was trying to make the pass easy for you. I guess I braked too early.... my fault. I learned a lot and will be back next week to show you all that I'm better/quicker than I showed last night. Qualified in 6th for 1st race (although some of you didn't even bother to qually. :)
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