GTC-TC-76 : VW Scirocco GR2 Series Round 5 @ Sachsenring - Tue 2nd July 2013

Rupe Wilson

Feeling like a zombie I tried to race, only to get black screens in both races so i quit (sorry guys i don't like quitting) .. all very annoying. my other versions were ok and other sims ran ok... In the end i did a quick re-install all seems ok now..
apart from the fact i feel like a zombie.. hope for better times and fairies in my dreams.. time for bed..:sleep:

Mate Orban

I had a clean start, no contacts, no bumps. I saw Guus in the mirror but than he made a mistake and I lost him.
I did a fast lap, than I calmed down and focused on the finish. I had clean overtakes, no cuttings...all in all, it was fine for me.

The 2nd start was a bit more complicated. There were much more cars around me and I couldn't find the way between them. So I slowed down and wait, till it gets a bit loose.
Than I passed everybody, one by one.
I had only one scary moment, when I fought for the 3rd place. The guy in front of me spun and I almost hit him. But fortunately I managed to slow down. Than I passed him too.
After this, I had a clear way to Yves. Few laps later I reached him. I was waiting for a mistake but Yves had a good pace without any problem. So I passed him in a clean battle.
Finished 1st again.

I'm pretty happy with the double win. This event was important for me. I had to show you, that I can race with you guys without any problem.

I can't wait the Elan party :rolleyes:

Tony Wiltshire

"I'd rather be Sim-racing" said Noddy
It appears that a few of the fast guys are not bothering to qualy? Instead they all charge through the field from the back. Occured in both of last night's races. Maybe they figure it's more challenging?


It appears that a few of the fast guys are not bothering to qualy? Instead they all charge through the field from the back. Occured in both of last night's races. Maybe they figure it's more challenging?
I was afraid of having a lonely race if I started from the front so I stuck with Mate in the back hoping for some nice battles with him. I might actually do that more often because it is a lot of fun making your way through the pack :)


This track was....err...different :whistling:.
All those off-camber corners in a FWD car, I had no clue how to negotiate them..
Despite my mondaynight practice I was still 7(!) second off the fast guys pace in tuesday's P1, and I did that using the setup Guus so kindly shared, so only myself to blame, oh well, it was still faster than monday..:unsure:

Then in Q1 I got myself into a sandpit and hit a barrier... RF puncture:mad:. The track was almost empty so I still limped to the end, over 1 minute slower than pole:redface: , thus at least I had the non-qualifiers behind me.:D

An blistering start however got me into P3:O_o: thinking 'this is not right, I shoudn't be here..' so once the really fast guys appeared in my mirror I decided to not really put up a fight, as with a 7 sec. per lap difference there really was no point..
With the pressure on I actually managed to keep the car on the road pretty well, at least better than before, and managed to also take 3,5 sec. of my PB:) and finish in 7th which was more than I'd hoped for.

After that it was time for me to leave, so I hope you guys had a good one. Grats to Mate for a clean double win, to the podium finishers, and to all who made it 'til the end.
This track will not make it onto my personal favs list, but the racing was pretty good fun tho.:thumbsup:

So thanks Rupe, for setting up the event, I hope you'll be feeling much better soon so you can both join us and enjoy it again.:)

Steven Walker

Slowly getting better!
I loved this track. I don't know how but I managed to get pole position in 1st qualy and stayed in first until about half way into race when the "alien" Mate came up behind me like his arse was on fire. Decided not to contest the position too strenuously (not at all in fact) and ended the race in 2nd place. Pretty chuffed at that and also had a great battle with Jacob all the way through.

Second race was not so good. I got slightly wide into turn 1 and ended up in the gravel. :poop: Spent the rest of the race just picking up the odd few places from the back of the field and only managed 5th place. Still, the night was extremely enjoyable and well done to winners and losers alike.:thumbsup:
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