GTC-65 Shelby GT 350 vs Ford Escort 1300 @ Mid Ohio - Thu 22nd Aug, 2013

Hiroshi Awazu

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It's been a while since i last raced, good to get a race in:thumbsup:. I was planning on racing both sessions but with nobody else home i went down for a nap and didn't wake up in time.

Although at the back of the field,some good racing with Paul Bennett again. Was on his tail pretty much most of the race, i'd get close in the turns but as soon as Paul got onto the straights he'd pull away with that Shelby he was driving :mad::D. I made a mistake along the way and spun which allowed Paul to get away but i managed to catch up and eventually get ahead for the finish.

Sorry Paul for tapping you during the race, i braked a bit too late. Just glad i didn't spin you out.

Good times,good times! thanks all :thumbsup:

Paul Bennett

GTL club night good times :)

Both race's started & finished in my normal places ( you all know were that is ) :D

Escort race 1 first few laps got mid pack due a few slippy Shelby's ahead of me, but as ever all made they all passed me :whistling:

Race 2 Shelby made an okay start and had Calum & Tony doing battle with their Escorts behind me, as they passed me & Hiroshi kept up with the back maker race.
can't recall being bumped Hiroshi as I missed a few braking points anyway with the Shelby :rolleyes:
Good god what a race night I had!

Race 1:
Qually went really well for me in the Escort, was looking to be a pole until Rupe put his american muscle well ahead by more than a second iirc. Had a decent start and got off well enough, noticed on the replays however that I cut across into a Shelby on T2 after having caught a bit of drift and the car suddenly snapped in, either Rupe or Steven there I think, sorry whomever. Rupe quickly pulled out a gap on all of us leaving me and Steven to duke it out, me in my Escort vs his Shelby. Was chasing him for several laps, trying to pass him left right and center but he was having none of it. Rupe at this point decided to slow down and let uss pass for some reason. Got passed finally only to loose the spot again shortly after due to making a mistake. The battle for 1st commenced and with only two laps to go I finally got passed Steven while simultaniously scaring the living bajesus out of him putting my car on the inside where he thought there was no room for me, but alas there was. Managed to stay in front this time, but I suspect part of that was due to Steven making some mistake or whatever because he fell behind rather quickly. Took it to the chequered flag and "won" the race, it should have been Rupes victory though so it kinda lessens the glory of winning (please let me win by racing some day Rupe :p), but it sure didn't take the glory away from the entirety of the race with the insane battling with Steven, lovely race, so much fun, so challenging and very well driven to Steven!

Might make a vid of the replay, if I do I'll post here.

Race 2:
The Shelby was a handful and then some, quallied in for a 6th iirc (first out of the Shelbys if nothing else), and I think I finished around there too, 6 or 7th, did a couple of booboos and caused a collision as well. I passed Denis on the start/finish straight and found myself on the complete inside line for T1, tried my best to brake hard and early to hold my line, because I knew Denis was around me somewhere but in my blindspot. Between trying to make the corner from a non-optimal line, while trying to not hit Denis, while using the look right and look behind buttons it was too much and I made a booboo, cut across and dunno if I hit Dennis but when I checked my look back on the straight I couldn't see him. Asked on TS if I had pushed him off, thinking that I would slow down and let him pass me if I had, but he said he got hit from behind so it wasn't me. Decided to carry on.
Later Rupe found on the replay that it was me causing the situation that made Hans run into Denis, he had nowhere else to go, so sorry in hindsight to both of you!

Again and as always, thanks to GTL staff and members for making such memorable evenings! Much love! :inlove:
I could not resist the urge to try make a video out of the replay, I spent a good 4+ hours on it but it's nothing special, some good racing in there though (imo that is).
Anyways, here's the link:
As of when I posted this the video was still being processed by youtube, and it being 03:15 at night I intend on hitting the sack ASAP! :p
I'll check quality and such tomorrow, hope it turns out allright and that google doesn't mess up the sound due to copyright stuff or whatever.
Hope you enjoy it!
I've also made a video from my hot-lap during the 2nd race. It's not much of a video, I've done it to send to my new Facebook friend Ross Bentley (race driver coach and author of many books about racing/driving), but the main thing here is a very small and simple thing: Ross's last comment, that boosted my ego. He said "nice line around Mid-Ohio". This made me feel I'm in the right learning path.


Steven Walker

Slowly getting better!
This is such a coincidence because I too have made a video of race 1 because I had so much fun battling with Kjell that night. Nice clean driving by the way Kjell. It's by no means brilliant because I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted as an end result and at the same time learning how to use Nero Video 12. Hope you like it and I'll try and do better with the next one ( probably of race 2).

Thanks to Rupe for organising it well done to winners and losers alike.:thumbsup:

Rupe Wilson

Well another night of fun.
Topped the timing by a second in the yank tank in qually. so decided half way through the race as the gap was getting bigger every lap to pull over and let the 2 guys behind battle for the win. i was happy to follow and watch how you coped with each car and each others cars
Mustang vs Ford.
Decided not to qually in race 2 as i was fastest in practice again in the making ford faster laps than the Mustang.
Started near the rear and made it to 3rd place very quickly in the race due to a few guys going off or banging wheels.
i missed a gear 3rd to 1st locked up the rear's and spun on lap 3 i think leaving a 14 second gap to the leader and spent the rest of the race catching up the 2 guys in front, by the last lap i was right behind them going into the final corner.
Don't get me wrong i do like to win, but i like to battle also, pulled of some lovely clean passes in both cars and keeping it nice and smooth for the most.

We have the Porsche and the Alfa next week so more fun for all i hope the server is up for the 2 events and i will have a little test tomorrow night for those who want to join me.

looks like the new drivers also had fun. lets all have fun next week and remember the golden rules we do this for fun. lets all race clean and fair and keep up the glt club spirit.
@Kjell Eilertsen

I would go full HD, but:
- I use Fraps to capture replay and Virtual Dub to convert to xvid
- If I select full size capture in Fraps instead of half-size, the avi of one hot lap will be something like 6Gb...against around 1,2Gb if I use half-size. Also, the 6GB file will not play smooth in BS Player before converting, not to mention the time it would take to convert to xVid.
- I'm no expert in video editing, so if anyone has a suggestion on how to make good HD videos, I'm all ears.
Ditch Fraps, it's overpriced and has fallen behind the competition on features the last few years.
Have a look at
A free open source application that let's you set up a livestream to sites like, but can very easily be set up to record a file to harddrive instead. It compresses/converts on the fly, so the biggest clip I made yesterday was about 10 minutes of full HD, that took about 500 mb of harddrive space.
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