GTC-65 Porsche 911 2.0S vs Alfa Romeo GTA Junior @ Mid Ohio - Thu 29th Aug, 2013

Rui F. Martins


these were in our set up section they may help but might need the gears, brakes and steering altered to you taste
our set up section can be found HERE
thank you, i always forget to check that secion :redface:
Imade a setup for the escort i used in the leaguenand i used itfor all the races, i only adjusted gears, camber, tire pressure and brae baace if needed

Rupe Wilson

Ok guys there will be allot of us on track tonight.:thumbsup:
Lets have a great race and remember we do this for fun

lets remember the race lines and breaking points we cant win the race in the first corner but we can loose it and spoil it for allot more drivers,
I have no objection to drivers starting from the rear who are quick, but please remember charging into the first corners from the back of the grid will only make for more congestion, at maybe the hardest time in the race so please all use caution in the first few corners, going 4 wide is not going to work, pick your line and stick to it no outside to inside moves mid corner for example if you go in tight keep it tight go in wide stay wide,, you guys know what i mean;)

lets spread out in qually also no need to bunch up leave a good gap between each car please. its superpole which means you should be driving on your own. But due to the limitations of the game server we have to make this work ourselves..
And no flashing of headlight please Gentlemen drivers dont do such things:)

Now lets get out there have fun and drive with a smile on your face, it sets you up for a great weekend :)
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Needless to say I was a noshow, prob could have made it with a few minutes to spare, but I'm completely knackered so I'm just calling it the day. Hope you had a great evening and cya for next weeks races. :)

Rui F. Martins

it was a bit of a disapointing event for me, te car and track choice was good, the competion was good and clean, but i'm not satisfied with my performance.
Q1: Had a good lap, started 11th
R1: Had a good start, there was a spin if front of me that vreated a bit of a tight situation but i was able to make it through and i was up to 8th place, in the first laps i mantained in the same group of cars, until lap 6, in lap 6 i spun and was stuck on the gravel at the end of the long straight for a long time, when i was able to return to track i was in last place, then i started recovering positions, but again, before the end of the race i spun again, a couple of laps from the end of the race i was lapped by the first cars, i was able to recover some positions after spinning and i finished in 12th.
Q2: I was having a hard time with the porsche but i was able to keep it together and do a good lap, i started on 13th i think

R2: again there was some problçems at the start wihich allowed me to gain some positions, i was able to keep up with Jacoob Bronsta and Roland Warnenhoven but after going of track and i was overtaken at the exit of turn 2 and while going down the straigth i accidentally went too much to the left and i hit the first distance marker, which sent the car fliyng landing on his roof, i pressed escpa imedeately to avoid causing any problems to incoming cars

Congratulations top3 and those who finished in both races
I had fun in this event, although i think i wasn't at my best shape in this event, thank you for organizing this event and to everyone who participated

Yves Larose

you can't never go wrong with Mid-ohio no matter the car used :D

Qualy 1: took pole with the Alfa but i think that many have messed their hotlap and mine was just better but still not perfect.

Race 1: my start wasn't that good but it seems that behind me it was crazy so i just lost one place which i retook at the braking for T2 as the Alfa was braking way later then the Porsche then on the straight i was already too far from the Porsche behind me for him to pass me with his higher top speed. From there i start building a lead little by little until second and third place were fighting granting me a bigger lead. eventually the third place pass the second place and caught up to me but with the traffic we encountered he made a mistake and lost massive time giving me an easy win to the checkered flag :)

Qualy 2: now in the Porsche again took the pole with a nice little margin.

Race 2: my start was way better then the first one and was able to maintain P1 at the first corner. from there i build a gap little by little and again the 2 guy's were fighting behind me giving me a bigger gap. as from race one third place man eventually pass and caught up with me but it was too late and he run out of lap. again took the win at the checkered flag :)

double pole and double win thats good for the moral :laugh:

thanks to Rupe for setting the event and RD for everything else :thumbsup:

Yves Larose

i should have watched the replay before doing my race report :roflmao: in the first race the fight for second place came after the second place man did a mistake.
Yeah I'm bummed to have missed out on this combo, I love Mid-Ohio and I'd like to race both the Alfa and the Porsche around there, hope to see the combo return again some day.

Rupe Wilson

Had a good first race even though my pc was acting up got bad stuttering in a few places and lost ground to the 2 guys in front,,, but was gifted second place right near the end of the race, on the lat lap he closed right up and we went through the last corner side by side and just held on crossing the line side by side (exact same time )

race 2 ,
did the usual thing of not doing a qually lap and had a great drive through the pack
even with the stutter in game and was closing in on Antonio who was near the front 4th i think but then in one lap a got 2 black screens luckily it didn't happen when in a group
and i just ran off track, i decided to quit the game as it could spoil another drivers race,

did a quick driver clean and a reinstall of the driver (pc told me the nvidia driver had failed) went on another game to check it out all seems ok for now,,,,

good fun while it lasted roll on next week
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Great track, great crowd and some well matched cars.. What more could we want?:)

Well.. in my case, a decent H-shifter, as using paddles in such old cars to me feels... wrong?! Plus accidental double up- and downshifts didn't help.:unsure:
Other than that, I had a great time as usual. Since I couldn't find any practice time, my first laps in the Porsche were tough, but then I found @Steven Walker put his setup online.
Thanks Steven, I really liked it.:thumbsup: And heck, I could almost match your racepace with it :D.

Race 2 in the Alfa was quite different, its rear tried to bite:mad: me every lap going over the uphill right-hander, so I had to slow down there more than I wanted to.
I still managed a mid-pack qualy lap, and a really good start quickly got me up as far as 3rd. However a strange moment at the end of lap 1 (probably a double downshift without proper blip:whistling:) made me spin and I had to let the whole field pass before rejoining. Sorry Eck if I scared you :p

Then from the back I did manage to pass a few guys, but nothing like marching through the field or anything..Very good to see everyone's pace pretty close together. Then had a real good time chasing Philip and Jacob and the finish was there before I knew it.
Grats Yves for a double win, and thanks all for racing!
Thanks Rupe for admin duties and CYA!

Calum McLure

Did ye, aye?
Enjoying this game, think maybe my first attempt in the Cougar race put me off a bit but I'm getting into it now :D

Ran well initially in both races before spinning several times.

First race in the Alfa I think I was 4th or 5th before spinning about 3-4 seperate times at T2. Also hadn't noticed that Joy2Key lost my save so I thought the Alfa only had 4 gears which didn't help on the straights :redface: from what I heard 5th gear in the Alfa wasn't up to much so might not have been too bad.

Got up to 3rd in the second race on the first lap and stayed there for a few laps before some more spins at T2. I then spun at T8 and came to rest facing a barrier, which would have been no big deal if I had a reverse gear assigned which as it turned out I didn't :rolleyes: after a bit of struggling to get myself going again I gave up.

Had some really good racing in both races and it was enjoyable while it lasted, haven't watched the replay yet so not sure who the other drivers were.

Cheers anyway, hopefully I can join in at some point next week as well :thumbsup:
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