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EU GT3 @ Zandvoort - Sunday 31st January 2021


I remember having raced in this circuit in Grand Prix 2 and F1 Racing Simulation, not to talk about that I'll always remember it for the Schwantz vs. Rainey EPIC battle in 1991. It would be a welcomed jump in the past, but the actual layout is good anyway

I remember racing it on formula 1 98 for ps1. It was so challenging to come from the long straight into the technical stadium section with the low downforce setup.


Funny you should say that @Chris Down Chris, whenever I go into AC and the track is bright and Sunny, it always cheers me up no end.



Definitely the same. There were no updates to zandvoort afaik and World records and racedepartment events always use the "officialist" stuff possible haha.

Things that change off-track stuff:
- Session (practice/race, spectators are different)
- World details (this changes a lot!)
- season adjustments in content manager from csp

I had a look a the settings and they were already at maximum with regards to world detail. I reviewed a couple of my replays and it's definitely the same track, it was me that I didn't notice nor the flags along the finish straight nor the glasses - or whatever those greenish panels above the wall at T4 are made of. :O_o: