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EU GT3 @ Nurbs GP Thursday 29th Jan 2015


Event information
Cars: All GT3 (SLS GT3, MP4 GT3, Z4 GT3, LOTUS GTC) Camaro GT3: here GT3 car, NOT RC
Track: Nurburgring GP

Booking: 18.30 GMT(60)
Practice: 19.30 GMT(30)
Qualify: 20:00 GMT(15)
Race: 20:15 GMT (25 laps)

Race Information:
Start: standing
TC &ABS: Factory TC: yes ABS: yes
Tyre & Fuel: 100% and 100%
Damage: 50%
Pitstop: Manditory: tyres must be changed!

Special notes:

  1. If you can't join in time, make sure to sign out before 17:00 GMT, so your spot can go to somebody else. It will count as a non show* otherwise.
  2. Join the server in time from 18:30 GMT to 19:30 GMT.
  3. Being on Teamspeak is mandatory for this event, even if you don't have a microphone. That way you will be able to hear (and give, if you have a mic) warnings from other players during the race.
  4. Passwords will be sent via private message just before the booking.

Participation requires a license: click here
Racing Club rules and License info: click here
Teamspeak password: click here
Teamspeak installation guide: click here


  1. Simon Knight
  2. Chris Zijlstra
  3. EireGreen™
  4. Marjan Koderman
  5. Sheamus Power
  6. Jean Fournier
  7. ironweed
  8. Konzik
  9. Ramon Salles
  10. Tomi Manninen

  11. Geof
  12. Tuomas Saarinen
  13. Niko Pajarinen
  14. Emil Praga
  15. Oscar Williams
  16. Henri Sinik
  17. Christian Lozanov
  18. Matheus Machado
  19. Stefan Schmitz
  20. Liviu Tiron
  21. Berk Er
  22. Ralf Ääro

Alex Ion *


utp 29
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I'm in! (e: with Camaro)

BTW, any chance of including the Sareni Camaro GT3 in the mix? (link) Would be interesting to see how it performs against the official cars. :)
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