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GT3 Club Racing - A Community Trailer

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
RD Club Racing 2018 - GT3 Promo Video.jpg
Talented community member and online club racer Chris Down has made something cool... an awesome cinematic trailer of our recent GT3 club racing events.

Having taken part in a range of Assetto Corsa Racing Club events here at RaceDepartment in recent months, community member @Chris Down as made use of his considerable video editing skills to put together an incredible cinematic trailer of his experience... which I'm delighted to share with you all for your viewing pleasure!

"Towards the end of last year I decided to make a short season recap for the European GT3 races at RaceDepartment" said Chris. "I've been sitting with this half complete on my disk since I was away for a month at the end of December, but here it (finally) is after much procrastination.

I tried to get a reasonable selection from both the front, middle, and back of the pack, but I may be biased a bit since I know the battles around me more than the ones elsewhere - Enjoy!"

This video has been a little while in the making, but I'm sure you will all agree, the wait is more than worth it!

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reminds me of all those comments i got after using bloodborne music in falkenborne 1 and 2 :roflmao: everything is fine as long as its not some dubsetp with silly autotune high voice


Heh, music is definitely a subjective matter. Here's a version with the music cut, since it's easy enough to do (although, of course, it does make the pacing of different scenes seem a bit arbitrary):

I have to say the video without the music is much better for me. Great video and thank you.
No,this video can't sell me rf2

Interesting comment, none of this is RF2. It's all Assetto Corsa my friend.

Which is annoying for me as I love the looks of AC but I'm bloody hopeless on it! :(:rolleyes:

What a brilliant video, well done and well executed. Love the Cadwell Park slo-mo!

I haven't raced on it in over a year. Must try again some time, such an excellent array of mods and cars :inlove:
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It's a really good job, congrats ;)

These commemorative videos are nice, I advise the participants of this championship to keep it preciously in a corner of their hard drive.
It's also a good place to share a video of the same style of a championship more than 10 years old now.
like this video, it traces the championship on the 3 categories that there were (you could see the three winners of each category at the end).
Fantastic works by Tim Hogendoorn. Still a lot of emotion to see her again today :rolleyes: (that's why it was always keeping her in a corner). Especially at 0:25 when Chris Noble's teammates made a lap of honor in his memory after his death that year:(.
I particularly like the last part. (we can even see Bram Hengeveld himself in trouble)

Again good work mate :thumbsup:
Thank you @Paul Jeffrey for featuring this:thumbsup: Nice thoughtful video @Chris Down :) Loved the music and I don't think I'll ever outgrow it or sims. I mean, at 54, if I haven't already, I doubt I'm gonna change my stripes now. I miss racing with the Time Bandits so much. I did get to run with them at Road America, but I think you were out of town. @Craig Dunkley really knows how to twist a mans arm:D I'll be back soon enough;)

If you guys aren't running with these boys, I highly recommend it:thumbsup: You can usually find a group to battle with regardless of your lap times:thumbsup: