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Skins GT3 Challengers - Simple Skins Audi, BMW, Porsche 2018-12-31

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Sven Hielscher

Original poster
Nov 20, 2008
Sven Hielscher submitted a new resource:

GT3 Challengers - Simple Skins Audi, BMW, Porsche - GT3 Challengers - Simple Skins for Audi, BMW, Porsche

Hey guys,
just played around with the GT3 Challengers and added some more color to the grid. Yes, no official templates are available and yes, that's the reason why the skins are rather easy (only color changes for instance). However, this helps to advance the grid for the moment until the official templates are available for proper skins! Please note the McLaren is currently not skinable at all because of missing information on the new shader stuff (i.e. cars currently will have no...
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