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SGP GT3 @ Calabogie - Sunday 1st August 2021


I went back to the screen for the ginetta race after 6 months of VR. There is certainly pro's and cons to being able to look left and right. Moving your head gives a more natural driving style and you can learn tight corners quicker by being able to look into them and see the late apex. Overtaking/battling is also easier as you can glance to see where your victim is if he's run wide or whatever!
The disadvantage is picking up oversteer and understeer visually becomes more difficult so you have to start to become more in tune with your FFB to drive a car at it's limits. Not sure swivel head improves your ultimate pace around a track depending on how tuned in you are to the wheel forces.

The main thing with any head tracking or VR is it needs to be 100% steady. If it starts drifting or moving even slightly of it's own accord, it's no good to you.
Strange, but for me it is much easier to tell oversteer/understeer in VR. So much, that I simply can't drive fast with flat screens anymore