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GT1-Evo simlab vs. S-Dream motedis

Hey guys,

I am looking into buying an simrig. At first, I wanted to go definitely with the GT1-Evo Simlab one, but then I discovered the S-Dream from motedis.

I am just wondering, why it is that much cheaper than the GT1-Evo? Cause SimLab as a known brand or what?

Can I just go with the S-Dream from motedis and then, buy every accessorie from SimLab or do I have to stick to one? It does look like it uses the same kind of alu profiles, but I don't know. And it has already an extension for a shifter and so on. I would also need a seat, but thats basically it...
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Personally, I would look into designing your own rig using MayCad and then source the parts from Motedis. You could use the motedis design as a starting point, or follow the guide here:

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